Special thanks

We would like to hereby cordially thank and give credit to Dr. Thomas F. Haddock and Dr. Michael C. Mueller for the extraordinary expertise they have kindly shared with the world in their book “JAGUAR E-TYPE SIX-CYLINDER – ORIGINALITY GUIDE 2017”. This publication has tremendously helped us in restoring our E-Type Jaguars, especially the oldest 3.8 L. Grand Touring models. The expertise compiled in the book provided a much needed point of reference for our own, extensive previous experience and expertise in comprehensive E-Type restoration. 

It has become a sort of a “Holy Bible” for us and apart from helping us with the technicalities of our restoration work, it has also given us a moral boost, as it proves that we are not the only E-Type enthusiasts who have completely fallen for these amazing cars.

“Authenticity is truth and is thus an objective yardstick to judge the value, or lack of it, of an object.”
Urs Schmid