Comprehensive restoration

At JaguART ™ – Comprehensive Restoration, everything we do has a single purpose – to restore our E-type 3.8 Litre Jaguars to their perfect original condition, or as close to it as is possible. We want our cars to be exactly the way they were when they rolled out of the Coventry factory. We strive to achieve the highest level of authenticity not only as far as the car’s mechanical properties and functionality are concerned, but also in terms of its authentic look and feel, its patina. Therefore, the use of original materials, techniques and manufacturing processes is our guiding principle. We do not renovate our cars. Instead, leaning on the meaning of the Latin word “restaurare” – to restore the given object to its original condition – we take no compromises in creating great historic cars that are authentic originals. For us, the authenticity of a restoration has the highest value. 

Having said this, it nevertheless remains a fact that even with the greatest of efforts, there will inevitably be some slight differences between the restored car and the car as it was in its original condition. Original parts may no longer exist and those parts that are available may be from a non-original, aftermarket producer, from a different era than the originals. Production methods and techniques inevitably may have changed. Original materials, paints and patterns may no longer be available, as they have long been replaced by new ones. Nevertheless, a passionate and dedicated restorer will always aim to retain as much of the vehicle’s authentic originality as is possible. What can be saved of the car should be restored and refreshed. Only where the original material has been irrevocably lost to decay, should one revert to alternative parts and materials. Even then, the material selected should closely correspond to the original production era, the style and the feel of the car.

We go to great lengths in applying these principles. To give just a few examples: we have employed the original method of surface treatment that was originally used with the oldest E-types 3.8 Litre (cadmium surface treatment). This method has been long abandoned in the automotive industry and is presently only being used in the aviation and space industry. We have also employed the original one-layer synthetic or acrylic paint (metallic as well as primer coating formula) without the upper finish colour-free varnish. We meticulously study available original cars, contemporary documents, manuals, service bulletins, catalogues, specialist publications, paint samplers, originally employed materials, techniques and tools, in order to set our standards for our restauration work. Often, we will strenuously adapt or modify available aftermarket parts to bring them in line with the originals, or we will tailor make the required part in our workshop, to make sure it perfectly matches the original.

If you are a Jaguar enthusiast, you will appreciate the level of craftsmanship, devotion to detail and the passion that has driven our work for well over a decade now, in the endeavour to make the greatest restorations of historic Jaguar E-type 3.8 Litre cars.